Common misconceptions about 3D laser scanning 

3D laser scanning is a powerful tool for the manufacturing industry. But the utilization is lower than it should be based on some common misconceptions rooted in out-of-date information. Technology is moving the manufacturing industry forward, and you can’t afford to ignore it in the future. If you’re not using scanning because you think it can’t work for your organization, Hive Virtual Plant encourages you to read the common misconceptions about scanning below and learn about why they are no longer a factor. 

3D Laser Scanning is too expensive 

As technology continues to advance, the cost barrier to using laser scanning is getting smaller and smaller. While the cost of scanning has decreased, the most significant economic impact of using scanning is the ability to reduce the total expenses of a project. Using laser scanning helps cut down on rework and improves overall project accuracy. 

3D Laser Scanning is only suitable for bigger plants and firms 

3D laser scanning can be useful for projects and organizations of all sizes. As the costs associated with scanning decrease, it is becoming more accessible to smaller plants and firms and more economical for smaller projects. They may also choose to engage a third-party service provider for scanning projects on a case-by-case basis. Either way, scanning can be very useful to smaller firms with smaller-scale projects. 

Every Point Cloud System is created the same 

The quality of the point cloud data is impacted by many factors, most obviously, the quality of the equipment used. Not all scanners are created equal, and better scanners can capture data more accurately and with less noise. Additionally, an expert in 3D laser scanning will be able to determine what resolution should be used and how many scans to complete in space to capture all the necessary data accurately. 

Expensive models must be created for scanned data to be useful 

Modeling costs can be high and even comprise a significant portion of the overall cost of a scanning project. High costs for modeling can be avoided in a couple of ways. First, when engaging a scanning project, your first instinct may be to have everything modeled. That is, however, often unnecessary and wasteful. For example, you may really only need certain areas or aspects modeled. Only modeling the parts of the point cloud that are needed can significantly decrease the time and money spent on a project. Second, you may be able to get all the data you need directly from the point cloud data with no modeling necessary. 

At Hive Virtual Plant, we make it our mission to provide our clients with the highest quality technology for 3D laser scanning applications. There are many misconceptions that are present in the laser scanning industry, and if you are interested in trying this out in your plant, then we encourage you to get in touch with us today! Click here to find our Hive Virtual Plant contact information.