The Leica ScanStation P20 

Ultra-high-speed scanners are known for their ultra-fast scan speeds and an often higher levels of detail. To this, the break-through, compact Leica ScanStation P20 also brings unprecedented data quality at the range, plus outstanding environmental capabilities, survey-grade tilt compensation, and an industry-first “Check & Adjust” capability. At Hive Virtual Plant, we work hand-in-hand with Leica Geosystems technology for 3D laser scanning applications. If you operate a manufacturing plant or factory in Ontario or across Canada, and you are looking to get real-time 3D imaging of your surroundings for a project, then our technology at Hive VP is for you! Want to learn more about the equipment that we use at Hive Virtual Plant? Then we encourage you to continue reading this blog about the Leica ScanStation P20. 

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Experience productivity and accuracy with the Leica ScanStation P20 

An innovative combination of advanced time-of-flight range measurement plus modern Waveform Digitising (WFD) technology enables the compact Leica ScanStation P20 to achieve ultra-high scan speeds and low-noise performance at extended range (to 120 m). Together with high-accuracy angular measurements and survey-grade tilt compensation, Leica ScanStation P20 delivers unprecedented ultra-high-speed scan data quality for as-built and scene surveys.

The Leica ScanStation P20 can be used in all kinds of weather environments 

Developed and manufactured by Leica Geosystems, Leica ScanStation P20 lets users apply ultra-high-speed scanning in operating temperatures ranging from –20° C to +50° C. Moreover, with an Ingress Protection rating of IP54 and an eye-safe laser class 1 rating, users can reap the benefits of ultra-high-speed scanning for even more sites and projects.

“Check & Adjust” feature added for convenience

Leica ScanStation P20 is the first laser scanner to feature a valuable “Check & Adjust” capability. Instead of sending the instrument to a service centre, users can electronically check the accuracy of their ScanStation P20 themselves and automatically adjust instrument parameters to ensure the highest level of performance.

Scan up to 1 million points per second 

Leica ScanStation P20 is the ideal instrument when very short time windows are available for capturing High-Definition Survey data or when ultra-high density, full-dome scan data is needed for client deliverables. When time is of the essence for plant operators, the Leica ScanStation P20 can be very beneficial. 

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