Advantages of 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanners

Creating an ‘as-built’ representation of a large industrial site is a complex task. It requires capturing intricate quick and accurate details on a vast scale, all without closing the site or causing disruption. If you are looking for a way to capture accurate data in real-time,  can help. At Hive Virtual Plant, we provide our clients with high-end, state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning equipment by Leica Geosystems. This 3D laser scanning equipment is used by Hive VP to gather high-quality information in various scenarios and locations. Along with the high-tech equipment and services that we provide, we also like to inform the public about the 3D laser scanning industry as a whole – it is for this reason that we have put together an article that shares information about a few of the advantages of 3D terrestrial laser scanning. 

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3D terrestrial laser scanning allows you to capture the entire site at a safe vantage point 

A 3D terrestrial laser scanner allows you to maintain a safe distance at all times. By their nature, many industrial sites contain areas that are either restricted or unsafe for a surveyor to get too close to. 3D terrestrial laser scanning equipment allows you to capture structures in high detail from up to 1 kilometre away, eliminating the need to approach dangerous areas or sacrifice accuracy to stay safe. With the right equipment, it’s possible to do both.

You can find equipment failures and malfunctions before they cause bigger issues 

It’s often overlooked as a benefit of using 3D laser scanners but they can help you keep ahead of which equipment needs replacing or updating. The models produced by 3D laser scanners capture all of the architectural, structural, and mechanical systems at a site, to a millimeter of detail. These models are so comprehensive that they’ll detect conditions that may not be obvious to the naked eye. 

Capture rapid measurements with 3D terrestrial laser scanning 

Rapid data capture is vital for time-sensitive projects or those that require minimal disruption to site facilities, allowing surveyors to get in, capture everything they need, and get out quickly. High measurement speeds from 3D terrestrial laser scanning greatly reduce the hours that surveyors spend on-site doing the ‘capture’ element of their role.

Above, are just a few of the advantages of a 3D terrestrial laser scanner. If you are looking for more information about Hive’s 3D laser scanning technology and services, please get in touch with the experts at Hive Virtual Plant today.

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