Plant engineering with 3D laser scanning

The primary trigger for innovation in a field is the passion to achieve greater excellence or perfection from what is already in vogue. This is true in the case of 3D laser scanning, the technology allows capturing complex objects with lightning speed and utmost perfection. There are many benefits of using 3D laser scanning technology for plant engineering and at Hive Virtual Plant, we can facilitate the use of this innovative technology for your plant operations and design. In this blog, we share some information about plant engineering with 3D laser scanning. 

3D laser scanning can be a blessing for industrial plants 

While 3D laser scanning is used in various fields, the technology is widely used in industrial plants. The ability to accurately map Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) and structural components allow engineers to avoid conflicts that in the past would not have been caught until the construction phase. Utilizing 3D scanning in industrial plants is a drastic improvement from the conventional methods. The accuracy, time savings, and most importantly, safety; make 3D scanning the most complete way to as-built these facilities.

Complete documentation and supervision for plant construction projects 

Laser scanner technology provides complete and accurate as-built documentation, including photorealistic images of the current conditions of plants and structures that are under construction. These updatable records support the clear monitoring of all phases of a construction project and the creation of a common database that ensures improved coordination between all of the parties involved.

Precise documentation can be used as a basis for updating designs, projects, drawings, code requirements, and other standards. Engineers and project managers can rapidly survey discrepancies between the actual conditions of the plant under construction and its design. Based on the gathered data, differences can be corrected before moving on to the next phase. It is generally simpler and less costly to re-plan, for example, pipe routes on a computer screen than to cut and weld new reels in the field.

3D monitoring thus reduces possible risks and limits cost increases throughout the various project phases. Projects with complex schedules benefit from additional savings as a result of improved sequencing and coordination of construction activities.

Get precise data to support safety regulation compliance 

Industrial plants are often complex and dangerous environments. This is why they are subject to increasing levels of regulation and control by governments and public entities. These requirements necessitate the creation and updating of as-built and “as-maintained” documentation of production facilities.

In addition, 3D laser scanning is now a well-established technology that enables the provision of high quality and comprehensive documentation of plant structures, information that is needed to satisfy compliance requirements under health, safety, and environmental directives.

3D laser scanning can provide many benefits for plant engineering applications. For more information about 3D laser scanning technology and how it can be utilized for plant engineering, we recommend that you continue browsing through our Hive Virtual Plant website. Click here to find our contact information or speak with a Hive VP representative.