Applications for 3D laser scanning 

3D Laser Scanning is used in numerous applications: industrial, architectural, civil surveying, urban topography, mining, reverse engineering, quality, archaeology, dentistry, reverse engineering, and mechanical dimensional inspection are just a few of the versatile applications. If you are considering 3D laser scanning for your project, and you are wanting to learn more about some of the applications for it, then you have come to the right place at Hive Virtual Plant. Our team at Hive VP are experts with laser scanning technology and we can help you understand how this technology can benefit your project. 

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3D laser scanning can be used for mechanical and civil engineering 

A practical mechanical and civil engineering application would be to assist in the production of “as-built” data and documentation. Currently, many manufacturing or construction activities are documented after the actual assembly of a machine or civil project by a designer or engineering professional. 3D laser scanners could expedite this activity to reduce the man-hours required to fully document an installation for legacy.

3D laser scanning can be used for inspections 

3D laser scanning technology can be used for building inspections and for asset integrity. Laser scanning can also be an excellent method to document a rebar installation for inspection requirements. Other civil activities could be for a roadway periodic inspection. The digitized roadway data could be contrasted to previous roadway 3D scans to predict the rate of deterioration. This data would be very helpful in estimating roadway repair or replacement cost information.

3D laser scanning can be used for as-built surveys 

When personnel accessibility and/or safety concerns prevent a standard survey, 3D laser scanning could provide an excellent alternative. 3D Laser scanning has been used to perform accurate and efficient as-built surveys and before-and-after construction and leveling surveys.

There are a variety of applications for 3D laser scanning technology. We encourage you to get in touch with our team at Hive Virtual Plant if you would like to learn more about some applications for 3D laser scanning. 

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