Can 3D laser scanning be used for asset management?

3D laser scanning technology is used to collect millions of measurements in crystal clear third dimension and producing what is known as a point cloud, by using eye-safe laser light. 3D laser scanning can be used as a valuable tool for companies to rapidly capture real-time data of their buildings and properties. This data can include clearance measurements, structural integrity, and area space. Integrating digital photography captured at the same time also allows companies to see photorealistic 3D images or videos of their environment without having to physically be there. At Hive Virtual Plant, we help companies achieve this by providing very high-end 3D laser scanning technology by Leica Geosystems. In this article by Hive Virtual Plant, we focus on how 3D laser scanning can be used for asset management. 

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For asset management 

With one single investment in capturing your physical assets as 3D environments, you have a very powerful asset management model, which has multiple uses for various user groups. Some of the ways that 3D laser scanning technology can be used for asset management include:

  • Rapid access to detailed and accurate 3D information about your building, surrounding area, and other physical assets. 
  • Provides accurate measurements of physical assets within your company. 
  • Integrates with BIM programs. 
  • Conducts 3D asset condition surveys. Perfect for bridges, cranes, tunnels, overhead equipment, etc. 
  • Information can be used for health and safety assessments for training purposes. 

To manage development 

3D laser scanning technology can also be used to manage the development of your current business project. The acquired information can be used to change or implement new approaches in development and implementation. Some of the ways 3D laser scanning is beneficial to manage development include: 

  • Can be used instead of expensive CAD generated models for your existing buildings.
  • Lower cost and faster production of planning submission documents.
  • Powerful & effective bid presentation tool. 

If you are looking for a way to get high-quality 3D information about your physical property and equipment at your company, then 3D laser scanning technology can surely help. For more information about how 3D laser scanning can be used or asset management, we encourage you to get in touch with a Hive Virtual Plant representative.

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