When to Use Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning is a fast and reliable way to create as-found digital design data of existing conditions. It is used in many industries to streamline the design and production process. 3D laser scanning is great for plants and factories that are looking to make changes to their processes and facilities.

Hive Virtual Plant specializes in providing high-end 3D laser scanning technology with equipment provided by Leica Geosystems. For factories and plants located in Ontario or in the GTA, if you are looking for information about when you should consider using laser scanning for your factory or plant, then you have come to the right place. There are many distinct advantages of using 3D laser scanning technology and in this blog by Hive VP, we discuss a few of them.


What is 3D laser scanning technology?

If you are new to the use of laser scan data for your plant or factory, it is important to first know what it is. 3D laser scanning is a type of digital modeling technology that creates accurate 3D models using laser light and simple mathematics. Depending on the 3D laser scanner, either a laser point or laser line is directed at the object to be scanned. Specialized software then uses either triangulation or time of flight to calculate and record data points where the laser comes in contact with the object’s surface. This technology is useful for a variety of applications, including reverse engineering, quality control and assurance, dimensional analysis, and surveying.


Perfect for plant applications

Plants are living facilities that require constant updates and upgrades to remain relevant and competitive. With these demanding requirements, high-quality data, and a simple software solution to process and manage your data is a necessity to reduce downtime, eliminate rework and ensure safe and reliable operation. Whether you’re retooling an automotive facility, retrofitting a power generation plant or upgrading an oil refinery, safety, speed and easy access to accurate facility documentation is essential.

Clearly, equipment only goes so far. It’s the knowledge of industrial plants that makes the scanning sing. At Hive Virtual Plant, know the inner workings of plants and their design and modeling. So, we know how to prioritize what to capture, the critical data that will allow you to efficiently capture the information that allows you to get in and get out with exactly what you need to do your job.

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