How Do 3D Laser Scanners Work? 3 Ways to Make Sense of It All!

If you are wondering how laser scanners work, you are not alone. Many people have questions about the equipment, ranging from personal curiosity to professional concerns. Understanding how laser scanners work aids in knowing when to use them and what they can do. 3D laser scanners are all around us as they play a part in various industries. In this article by Hive Virtual Plant, we share some information about three ways to make sense of how 3D laser scanners work.

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Method 1

The laser sends a pulse of light down a laser line and measures the distance to the object point on a surface by timing how long it takes for each laser signal to hit an object point and return. This method is called laser triangulation or laser ranging, as the laser scanner calculates distances based on angles.

Method 2

The laser beam is sent into space and returned to the laser scanner. When the laser beam hits an object point, it will scatter in all directions. A portion of the laser beam gets directed back towards the scanner where it is detected to determine distance. This method is called laser scanning or laser detecting.

Method 3

The laser beam scans the laser line across a surface in order to construct an image of the measured points. This method is called laser scanning or laser surveying depending on the application.

As laser scanners work in various ways, there are different laser scanners: laser range finder and laser detection scanners which indicate the way laser measures distance; laser scanning and laser detecting, where laser beam scans a surface to create an image; and laser triangulation. Knowing how 3D laser scanners work can help you know when to use them and what they can do. Seeing the laser scanner as a broad concept is very helpful, as it can be used in various applications including laser scanning and laser detecting. In addition to how laser scanners work, knowing that there are different types can help you know when to use them and what they can do.

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