The Leica C10 Laser Scanner 

The ScanStation C10 platform represents the most capabilities and best value packed into a single laser scanner instrument. Users can take advantage of surveyor-friendly, onboard total station-like control or use an external laptop for even more powerful, onsite viewing and data processing. At Hive Virtual Plant, we deploy very high-quality pieces of technology that are meant to provide real-time 3D information about your manufacturing plant or factory. 3D laser scanning and point cloud software is perfect for plant operators that are looking to make additions or subtractions to their plants. High definition 3D imaging gives them a glimpse at hard to reach areas of their plant, or areas that are awkward and difficult to measure. Additionally at Hive VP, we understand that 3D laser scanning could be a new form of technology that not many business operators are aware of. It is for this reason that we like to include informative and interesting blog content on our Hive Virtual Plant website. In this blog, we talk about a very important piece of technology provided by Leica Geosystems, the Leica C10 Laser Scanner. Read on for more information! 

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The Leica C10 Laser Scanner provides unprecedented versatility 

ScanStation C10 combines all-in-one portability with the ability of users to traverse, resection or use scan targets for maximum flexibility in dealing with site logistics. Full 360º x 270º field-of-view, high accuracy, long-range, and high scan speed (50k pts/sec) add to ScanStation C10’s position as the industry’s most versatile scanner. Versatility is very important, especially when it comes to hard to reach areas of your plant. You want to be able to get into areas that would otherwise be too hard to reach with conventional measuring and imaging technology. 

The Leica C10 Laser Scanner offers productivity advances 

ScanStation is faster than its predecessor ScanSation 2 in many ways. It does full dome scans up to 10X faster, now, less than 2 minutes for a typical room. It also conducts general 360º and focused areas scan faster, can be set up & moved faster, lets users locate targets, register & geo-reference faster, and lets users check scan results faster. The numbers will vary based on the size and orientation of your plant layout, but the point remains, the C10 Laser Scanner can add more productivity to your plant operations. 

Experience valuable cost savings with this equipment 

ScanStation is easy to learn, with a total station-like interface and intuitive, onboard graphic color touch screen display. It is also incrementally upgradeable over time, uses standard total station batteries, and features fewer accessories, all of this contributes to a reduced cost of use and ownership. 

At Hive Virtual Plant, we take great pride in our high-end 3D laser scanning technology. Each plant operator’s needs will be different, and their plant layouts will be different as well. It is for this reason that we need to ensure our equipment is utilized in the right way for each job. If you are looking for more information about our equipment and software at Hive Virtual Plant, then we encourage you to continue browsing through your website. 

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