Tips for making sure your 3D laser scanner works optimally 

Are you considering the use of 3D laser scanning technology on your job site, and you are wanting to learn some tips about how you can ensure your 3D laser scanner works optimally? At Hive Virtual Plant, we are experts when it comes to 3D laser scanning technology and applications. There are plenty of tips that we can provide our clients for making sure their 3D laser scanning technology works optimally. In this article by Hive Virtual Plant, we share some information about this.

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Keep up with firmware updates 

Firmware is the software that is embedded into the hardware device and acts as your scanner’s operating system. Updating your laser scanner when new firmware becomes available is an important part of ensuring it always performs to specification.

Continuously improve your skills with the equipment 

Leica Geosystems offers comprehensive training for all customers, including a wealth of free online resources to help you at every stage of the 3D laser scanning workflow. Be it capturing, management, collaboration, delivery, or downstream use. Making sure that you stay up-to-date with the latest technology and applications goes a long way in making sure your 3D laser scanner works optimally long term. 

Using the right accessories

It’s easy to underestimate the effect that a stable base (or lack of one) has on surveying equipment. Still, the best instrument is worthless when the accessory is not perfectly aligned to that instrument. Choose a tripod base that is solid, extendable, and can be used in all terrains. 

These are just a few tips for making sure your 3D laser scanner works optimally for as long as possible. To learn more about this, we encourage you to get in touch with our team at Hive Virtual Plant today. Click here to find our contact information or speak with a representative.