Why You Need to Consider 3D Laser Scanning on Your Job Site

On a job site, where a small error can result in huge losses, it is important to be able to accurately survey the area. Although traditional surveying techniques still have their place, using 3D laser scanning will provide better results and save you time and money by preventing mistakes. At Hive Virtual Plant, we are experts when it comes to 3D laser scanning technology and applications. Additionally, we like to educate our prospective clients by providing plenty of information about this state-of-the-art technology. In this article, we share some information about four reasons why you need to consider 3D laser scanning for your job site.

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To Make Sure the Job Is Done Right

For any job, it is important to have a well-executed plan and make sure that the work is done correctly. Although traditional surveying techniques can deliver reliable results, they do not provide as accurate data as 3D laser scanning technology can. You cannot be too careful on a job site where every detail counts; therefore, making sure you are using the most up-to-date methods for measuring your area is essential. By utilizing 3D laser scanning technology on your job site, you will save yourself time and money by preventing costly mistakes related to inaccurate measurements.

To Save Time Throughout Your Project

One way that using 3D laser scanning saves time over traditional surveying practices is because you receive the data instantly. This means that it does not take time to transfer the information to a computer or wait for several days for accurate measurements. You can download the data immediately and start processing it through software, which will allow you to see results faster. Additionally, 3D laser scanners can scan larger areas in less time compared to traditional surveying techniques, meaning you do not have to spend as much time on your site measuring manually.

To Save Money

As previously mentioned, by using 3D laser scanning technology on your job site, you are saving yourself money by preventing costly mistakes that could be related to inaccurate measurements. This is one of the primary reasons why major companies choose this method over traditional methods. However, there are other ways that 3D laser scanning can help you save money, such as acquiring the data in less time, which means that you are spending less on labor costs. You will also need to buy less equipment since many 3D scanners come with their own software included when they are purchased.

To Enhance Communication

Communication is essential to every job site, and it can often be challenging when everyone does not have access to the same information. As mentioned before, 3D laser scanners provide their data instantly in the form of a point cloud that can be easily shared with your team. This means that they can use the software instead of having someone else transfer the measurements for them. You will also find that by communicating effectively throughout your project, you are less likely to encounter issues down the road because everyone involved will understand what needs to be done if problems arise.

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