Four Benefits of Using 3D Laser Scanners In The Manufacturing Industry

As laser scanning technology has evolved over the years and continues to advance, it is becoming an integral part of everyday life for many companies. This ‘industrial revolution’ in laser technology not only brings benefits to individuals but also to companies in several ways. From creating two-dimensional drawings, three-dimensional models, or aiding with laser cutting and laser engraving of materials, laser scanning provides a comprehensive set of capabilities. If you would like to learn about the benefits of using 3D laser scanning in the manufacturing industry, then you have come to the right place at Hive Virtual Plant.

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It can save time and money on drawing plans from three-dimensional models

Laser scanners generate two-dimensional drawings from the raw data they collect from laser scans, thereby drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to produce plans for manufacturing processes. In laser scanning, laser scans collect millions of data points every second and convert this data into a series of two-dimensional images which can be turned into accurate drawings depicting three-dimensional objects. The investigation and assembly process is easier because the laser scan shows you where to drill holes, how deep they are, what is in the way, etc.

It saves time cutting and laser engraving materials

Laser scanning works to provide quality products with the help of laser equipment, such as laser cutters and laser engravers. Laser scanners provide users with the information needed to make laser cutting faster, more accurate, and efficient. It can store thousands of two-dimensional data points that can use be used as guides that generate easily understandable information on where and how deep to cut or engrave materials with the laser.

Laser scanning helps detect errors in material dimensions

Laser scanning is a great way to detect errors in material dimensions. A laser scan provides accurate information about the depth of cuts, location of laser-engraved images or holes, and any errors that may be present in raw materials. 3D laser scanners also provide high-quality data about the spaces around you. If you are retrofitting your manufacturing plant or doing renovations, 3D laser scanners will give you a clear and detailed look at the area around you.

After the laser scanning is complete, it can be exported into a CAD file

Laser scanners can convert laser scan data directly into standard CAD files. With laser scanners, scan data can be easily exported into a CAD file for further editing and sharing. A laser scanner can create an accurate three-dimensional model within minutes which is great if you need to edit perfectly accurate laser scan data quickly.

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