3D Laser Scanning in the Telecommunications Industry

Through innovation and the continuing quest to meet the demands of the Telecom Industry, 3D Laser Scanning is now a possibility and is becoming more available to a wider audience. At Hive Virtual Plant, we supply state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning technology to a wide variety of clients for their projects. 3D laser scanning is a valuable asset to many different industries. 3D laser scanning surveys are increasingly being used to examine how equipment and structures come together, can be deployed and built, and be placed into service more efficiently. In this article, by Hive Virtual Plant, we share some information about 3D laser scanning in the telecommunications industry. 

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Reduce the surveying time in the design phase

In the design phase, 3D Laser Scanning can be used for surveying the site and surrounding area to create a frame of reference, for as-builts, and additional information on how components of a project will fit together. 3D Laser Scanning is a tool that can be implemented and utilized in a very fast, effective manner. It can be used to capture data and display it as a scaled image with zooming and measuring capabilities. These collections link to the remaining phases of a project, creating efficiencies along the way.

Improve design efficiency with fewer site visits

As a project progresses into the design phase, so does the need for additional detail. Invested 3D Laser scanning helps to reduce return site visits, saving a significant amount of time and money. Additional review and measurements can be made by virtually re-visiting the site point cloud and 360-degree images from the computer, together with the right people who need to provide input. 

Increases the accuracy of the contractor pricing phase 

During the bidding phase, contractors commonly complain that they have a lack of information when it comes to pricing and therefore will add extra costs for additional surveys. However, with information from laser scans, it can provide more accurate documentation, providing contractors a better idea of what a project will entail and what tools can help them gain access to the site. These invested tools increase communication and ensure everyone working on a project can proceed with confidence.

Can deliver more accurate as-built documentation 

Often, 2D information or contract documents from a site can be inaccurate or outdated. To ensure accuracy, scanning a site can be performed by Hive Virtual Plant, reducing risk and potentially costly outcomes. This also allows for components to be designed offsite and integrated into a virtual model prior to physically creating and installing these elements onsite. 

3D laser scanning is a valuable asset for contractors in the telecommunications industry. If you are looking for more information about 3D laser scanning technology, then we encourage you to get in touch with a member of our Hive Virtual Plant team. 

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