How 3D laser scanning makes pre-project planning easier

In today’s competitive business landscape, companies are looking for any advantage they can get to help them finish their projects on time and under budget. Thankfully, there are new and innovative ways that companies can do this. At Hive Virtual Plant, we supply companies of all sizes with high-end 3D laser scanning technology so that they can plan projects in a timely manner. From building construction and maintenance and measuring clearances to equipment addition or subtraction, 3D laser scanning technology can yield very high-quality results for the company. In this article by Hive Virtual Plant, we share some information about how 3D laser scanning can make pre-project planning easier for companies 

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What is 3D laser scanning? 

Before we can talk about how 3D laser scanning makes pre-project planning easier, we must learn about how 3D laser scanning works. Simply put, 3D laser scanning is a process that involves bouncing laser beams off of a building or a piece of terrain. As the light points bounce back, the scanner collects data about the laser’s flight and integrates this data into a point cloud. Companies can then use this point cloud to create detailed 3D models that support pre-project planning.

What makes 3D laser scanning so beneficial for pre-project planning? 

Traditional land surveying methods take significantly more time to complete than 3D laser scans, meaning that they also cause delays at the beginning of the project. In addition, the surveys that traditional land surveyors create are nowhere near as detailed as those created by laser scans, and often require the surveyors to place themselves in harm’s way on dangerous terrain. 

3D laser scanning for pre-project planning adds value to the company owner because it allows them, or their team, to see real-time high-definition data about their building, or surrounding land, and very quickly. In addition to being quicker, 3D laser scans also support better decision making during the pre-project planning process. Team leaders will be able to make educated decisions about the best way to proceed with a project, while also feeling completely confident that their decisions are based on a complete and accurate understanding of the terrain as it actually exists, rather than the computer-generated contours that go along with traditional surveying methods.

3D laser scanning for pre-project planning is the best way to ensure that your companies projects get off on the right foot, while also ensuring that your team will be prepared to adapt to any issues that may arise along the way. For more information about 3D laser scanning technology at Hive Virtual Plant, we encourage you to continue browsing through our website.

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